Our Procedure


Here we present you a brief outline as to how we carry out insurance investigational task. We have an enthusiastic team of spooks; most of them are young & innovative. We have the following infrastructure to carry out investigations swiftly and efficiently to analyze negative insurance cases:

  • A team of extra ordinary investigators with vast experience in similar field.
  • They are given a brief of the case and time frame to give the first cut report, second report and final report.
  • We are equipped with the latest gadgets such as secret camera, voice recorder etc.
  • The investigators are briefed to carry out their investigation discreetly and not to talk to the LA’s family (unless the company itself authorizes it) and learn to read between the lines.

The investigators are informed to take the assistance of the following persons/subjects to go in to the depth of the case:

  • Neighbors
  • Friends, relatives and employers
  • Information from security guards
  • Drinking habits of the LA
  • Smoking
  • Past illness of the LA
  • Meting nearby shops, Clinics, Chemists and doctors
  • Police records and medical records of the case as applicable
  • Social reputation etc.
  • Then, efforts are made to prove the case after constituting the weak links in negative cases. Documentary evidence is collected to access the truth. Even if in some cases, the case appears positive on its face value, but the investigators are trained to smell the ‘rat’ if there is any, without annoying or irritating the family of LA. Date of death and other records are verified from the authorities. The investigation procedure is completely a confidential process of the organization. Actually, the investigation procedure will vary from case to case.

    Time frame for Investigation:

    • Delhi and NCR within 5 to 7 days.
    • Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, UP (west) within 7 to 10 days.
    • Rest of Indian states minimum 12-15 days.


    We excels in the development and analysis of information and intelligence. The firm supplements and magnifies the comprehensive data it collects through the use of effective and modern investigative techniques. This is done with a lot of thought, effort, in-sight reinforced by experience. Inside Track Services Pvt. Ltd. provides reliable reports, information and intelligence with the committed time schedules.

    Our spooks respond the How, Who, Where, When and What of the consequence. Company handgrips following eccentric cases:

    • Personal Investigations
    • Business Investigations
    • Corporate Investigations